Our monthly rates:

Size of bin Once a week pickup Twice a week pickup
35 gallon $20 $24
63 gallon $24 $28
96 gallon $26 $33

*All taxes and fees included, billed quarterly

Our rates are very competitive and your rate will be locked in for three years!

This service is currently available to Hillsborough, Montgomery, Skillman, Bradley Gardens, Bridgewater, Franklin, Franklin Park, Warren, and Martinsville residents.

*Service also available to residents that live in Somerset county with a Princeton zip code of 08540.

Not only are we able to save you money every month, but you will also get many bonuses that your current garbage company does not include, such as:

  • Optional twice a week garbage pickup, NOT available with most garbage companies.
  • We supply a high quality HDPE garbage bin with attached lid and wheels free of charge.
  • BONUS: Unlimited, free scrap metal removal (refrigerators, stoves, BBQ’s, lawn furniture)*
  • BONUS: Three large bulk items per year (sofa, love seat, mattress)*
  • BONUS: One free bulk item pickup per month*
  • BONUS: Free TV/Electronics pickup* ($15 recycle fee for TV’s)
  • BONUS: 15% off our flagship service: JUNK REMOVAL! (spring cleaning, estate sales, cluttered garages/attics/basements...)  We provide all the labor, work quickly, & strive for zero-waste!.
  • NEW BONUS: 3 YEAR PRICE GUARANTEE!  Unlike all other garbage companies which slowly, but surely raise your rates every year or even every month, we will guarantee our prices for 3 years!

*All items for pickup must be placed curbside.

We are your ‘one-stop’ garbage company that is able to take care of your waste management needs.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you need something removed with little notice, we’ll be there for you day or night!

Why pay more than you have to for garbage service?

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 908-458-5202 or email me.

FYI: Garbage companies cannot lock you in with a contract.  If you have prepaid for garbage service, you can switch to our company at any time and your previous hauler legally must  issue you a refund within 10 days.

We are pleased with Junk in the Trunk NJ's service. They’re very professional and reliable. We definitely recommend them to all our neighbors.

{ Lourdes R., }

I am very happy with your service. Also, the people I had been able to get them to switch are very happy. The reason I decided to change our service was I saw that Tony was a very hard worker who was starting out with a very positive attitude about working and not just hanging around looking in. Keep up the good work.

{ Lucielle M., }

I am very happy with this garbage service and feel very comfortable recommending it to my neighbors & friends. Tony exceeds my expectations and his prices are the best. Aside from the excellent service I receive, I am paying less than I used to with my other garbage company and getting more. Thanks!

{ Roni M., }

My trash service is great! They pick up every week like clockwork.

{ Tom G., }

Junk in the Trunk garbage service is priced right. The service has been 100% reliable. Those two areas are enough to recommend Junk in the Trunk but when you add in the once a month bulk pick up they are absolutely unbeatable.

{ Mitch E., }

I am so glad our family switched to Junk in the Trunk garbage service, we are a young family that accumulates lots of trash and it is so convenient to have twice a week garbage pickup. Tony has provided us with exceptional personalized customer service - including bulk pick-up! The service itself is extremely consistent, reliable and any questions about additional garbage pickups we have had were always responded to immediately and they have always been happy to help. We have been extremely happy customers since December 2011 and recommend Junk in the Trunk to anyone.

{ Lisa B., }

Tony Angelone and Junk in the Trunk provide us with consistent, reliable garbage hauling service at a good price. It's a pleasure to recommend them to all our local friends. And it's great to know that we're supporting a local company.

{ Paul S., }

Switching to Junk in the Trunk is a no-brainer - lowest price, garbage can provided, and the added benefits of electronics and scrap metal recycling and monthly bulk pickups for those occasional extras - no more wondering how you're going to get rid of that old piece of furniture or big screen TV.

{ Jim S., }

I initially called Junk in the Trunk because I needed some bulk trash hauled away. The price was lower than anyone else in town and the service was on time and professional. Since they were so reliable, I decided to try their weekly trash pickup service. I'm glad I did. It's much cheaper than Raritan Valley. One time when I forgot to put out the bin, the driver even went up the driveway and took it himself!

{ Pat D., }

We've been a customer for several months and have been pleased with the frequency and timeliness of pickup while paying about half what we were paying before with our previous service provider. The ability to put out extra things periodically without having to make prior arrangements has been appreciated as we begin our empty nest phase and start cleaning things out. I would highly recommend "Junk in the Trunk" and don't know why anyone wouldn't switch to them.

{ Andy M., }

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